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ChestBag™ - Outdoor Casual Sling


“This sling was so helpful on my last trip. It was so easy to use, I bounced in across both shoulders easily and it hugged my body well. Plenty of space for all my things, phone, wallet, papers, and snacks. I referred it to friends who were going to travel and it’s my understanding that they bought a few for their trips.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - David
Verified Buyer

In the realm of outdoor adventures and daily activities, bags and backpacks are often needed to store essentials for necessary use. The constant struggle with bulky backpacks or inconvenient shoulder bags becomes a hindrance, creating a significant obstacle to the flow of an active lifestyle. Dealing with traditional backpacks can be frustrating and back-paining, creating a hindrance to daily activities. 

Introducing the ChestBag™, the game-changer in portable storage solutions for outdoor situations. These innovative bags redefine the way we carry our essentials during adventures, offering a lightweight and stylish alternative to traditional backpacks. With versatile storage options and hands-free convenience, the ChestBag™ ensures that the belongings are securely stored and easily accessible on the go.


Versatile Storage: The ChestBag™ offers a range of pockets and storage options, providing convenient organization for essentials like phones and wallets. This versatility ensures easy access and efficient utilization of space. 

Hands-Free: The hands-free design of ChestBag™ allows for unrestricted movement during various activities, such as travel, running, or outdoor adventures. This practicality ensures comfort and ease while adapting to a dynamic lifestyle. 

Durable Materials: Crafted with high-quality and scratch-resistant materials, ChestBag™ ensures the protection of items stored inside. This durability is not just about longevity; it adds an extra layer of security for reliability in multiple settings. 

Outdoor Convenience: Tailored for outdoor sports like hiking, cycling, and running, ChestBag™ provides a secure fit that prevents discomfort during movement. The thoughtful design ensures the bag stays in place, helping to maintain focus.

Adjustable Straps: With fully adjustable straps, the ChestBag™ offers a personalized fit that enhances both comfort and flexibility. This feature ensures that the bag adapts to different body types and preferences. 

We recognize the challenges posed by traditional bags, leading to physical discomfort and overall inconvenience. This persistent unease not only restricts smooth movement but also fosters a sense of frustration during outdoor activites. Research indicates that heavy backpacks impede mobility, causing a bodily tilt and negatively impacting posture.

Thankfully, the ChestBag™ eases up the process of accessing essentials without causing hindrance to the body. Featuring versatile storage and easy accessibility, ChestBag™ seamlessly integrates into the dynamic lifestyle. Elevate the outdoor pursuits with the ChestBag™, ensuring a smooth and stylish adventure every time.


Size: 31*17*6 (CM)


(1) X Sling Bag 

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