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FlexFit™ - Sportswear Tracksuit Leggings

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Green 3-PCS set
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"I had high hopes for this outfit; and it surpassed all my expectations. The fit is amazing! The fabric is super stretchy, and hugs every curve. Has a nice texture. The color is amazing! This is an outfit that could be worn anywhere casual. Nice bit of removable padding in the sports bra. Really can't say enough good things about this outfit. I'm very happy with it."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Joana

 Verified Buyer

Fitness is best done when wearing something comfortable, stylish, and stretchy, to feel active and amazing. Wearing ill-fitting sportswear, especially tight leggings in a tracksuit ensemble, can exert pressure on the legs, leading to discomfort and distortion of the natural shape. Prolonged use without proper fit can contribute to feelings of insecurity and persistent discomfort.

Introducing The FlexFit™, an innovative compression fit system that ensures proper placement of leggings during any dynamic movement. With its advanced design, the FlexFit™ promotes a confident and secure feel, allowing for a high focus level to enhance performance without the distraction of uncomfortable clothing. Revel in the freedom of movement and reliable support, elevating the overall athletic experience!


✅ Unparalleled Comfort: This sportswear tracksuit is crafted with precision using high-quality, breathable materials that prioritize comfort. The FlexFit™ stretchy fabric ensures a snug fit without compromising on flexibility, making every movement a breeze.

✅ Versatility Redefined: Whether hitting the gym, running errands, or lounging at home, the FlexFit™ tracksuit leggings seamlessly transition from one activity to another. The versatile design and contemporary style make them a wardrobe essential.

✅ Moisture Management:
Say goodbye to discomfort caused by sweat with the advanced moisture-wicking technology. The FlexFit™ tracksuit fabric efficiently pulls moisture away from the skin, maintaining dryness and comfort.

✅ Tailored Fit: The FlexFit™ is meticulously designed to provide a tailored fit that complements the body shape. The contoured lines and strategic seams enhance the natural curves, providing a flattering silhouette that boosts confidence.

✅ Long Lasting:
The FlexFit™ tracksuit is built to endure the rigors of the active lifestyle. From the reinforced stitching to the durable fabric, these leggings are designed to withstand repeated washes and intense workouts.

We understand the importance of feeling completely at ease during your workouts. It can be incredibly bothersome to have to readjust your leggings and tracksuit constantly, disrupting your focus on fitness. Several gym-goers have constantly reported issues with their leggings sagging during their workouts and needing readjustment.

Thankfully, the FlexFit™ Sportswear Tracksuit Leggings, embrace a worry-free workout experience! The FlexFit™ technology not only enhances performance but also ensures a secure and comfortable fit. Upgrade to this activewear outfit for optimal support, allowing for confident movement during any exercise!


Material: Nylon | Polyester | Spandex 
Care Instructions: Machine Wash


(2) X Pieces or (3) X Pieces 

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