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SharkNavigator™ - Remote Control Shark Toy

"This fish is super fun, durable, and great for family fun. The control is easy to use the setup is fairly easy (parents need to do this part, but older kids could help). I got one for my younger brother when he was in his late teens early 20s and it went missing, so I replaced it for him at his request this Christmas. He loves it, younger family that played it loved. I intend on buying the shark for my best friend's 9 year old son. Great product."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Liz Dameron 
 Verified Buyer

Childhood is enriched by the joy and curiosity that toys bring to the daily routine. Unfortunately, not all toys align with the need for simplicity and excitement, as some may be challenging to control and prone to damage. Extended use of unstimulating and unsatisfying toys can lead to frustration, constant adjustments, and an overall lack of excitement in the day.

Introducing the Shark Navigator™, a remote control toy that boasts an innovative fin-lock mechanism ensuring the remote control shark toy maintains its upright position for a lifelike appearance. This toy can be controlled in the air to give a swimming illusion, creating excitement and offering unparalleled quality. Enjoy the thrill of effortless control, while safeguarding this timeless aquatic companion!


Endless Entertainment: The SharkNavigator™ offers a unique and thrilling experience, turning any room into an aquatic adventure. Watch as it gracefully swims through the air, mimicking the smooth movements of a real shark. 

Easy to Control: This aquatic-like toy is accompanied by a user-friendly control, perfect for all age groups. The infrared technology allows effortlessly guiding to move the shark through the air with precision.

Interactive Fun: The SharkNavigator™ is perfect to bring the family together for some interactive fun.  Whether it's a family gathering or a friendly get-together, this flying fish is sure to captivate everyone's attention for unforgettable moments.

Durable Design: Built with safety in mind, the SharkNavigator™ is crafted from durable materials to withstand bumps and crashes. The lightweight design ensures that it won't cause any harm or damage, making it suitable for indoor use. 


  1. Ensure the remote control and SharkNavigator™ are both powered on and have fresh batteries.
  2. Pair the remote control with the SharkNavigator™ by following the provided instructions.
  3. Navigate the SharkNavigator™ in the desired direction using the remote control buttons, and enjoy the aquatic fun!

We understand the frustration that comes with dullness at home, especially when faced with limited sources of excitement. It can be disheartening to engage with toys that quickly lose their appeal and require frequent adjustments to function properly. Numerous studies highlight the role of toys in promoting social and cognitive development, underscoring how their absence may contribute to feelings of isolation.

Thankfully, exploring an aquatic world full of boundless fun and curiosity is a breeze with the Shark Navigator™. This innovative balloon toy not only moves effortlessly but also guarantees a thrilling and stress-free playtime. Take the playtime experience to new heights with the Shark Navigator™ for remote-controlled enjoyment and excitement right in the comfort of the home!




(1) X Clown fish or Shark Balloon 
(1) X Remote Controller
(1) X User Manual

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